For Sale

Haflinger/Stockhorse Filly

Date of Birth: 3/3/17
Price: $1000

Haflinger/Stockhorse filly foal of Shiraz. Mat. approx 14 h.

Full sister to Jordie (Tas) Jontie (Vic) Shandy (SA) Nikesha (Vic) Levi (Vic) and Astrid (SA)

Available at weaning 10-12mths (Jan to March 2018)

Haflinger/Welsh Cob-Stockhorse - Luca - SOLD

Date of Birth: 23/11/16
Price: $1350 (SOLD)

Description: Haflinger/Welsh Cob-Stockhorse colt of Sienna. Mat. 14.2h.

Full sibling of Violet (SA) Levi (Vic) Butterflyhill Cassanova (Vic) Kokoda (SA) Nala (Vic).


3/4 Haflinger Filly - Harmony - SOLD

Date of Birth: 02/09/2016
Price: $1000 (SOLD)

Description: 3/4 Haflinger filly foal of Montana. Full sibling to Jindy (NSW), Heidi (KI), Cooper/Monty (SA), Alice (SA), a blue eyed gelding (ACT) and Forrest (SA). Mature approx 13.1h.