Since 2004 I have been very successfully breeding and selling Pure Traditional Haflingers, 3/4 Haflingers & Haflinger Crosses with my Haflinger stallion Nike and Rosnaree Cascade (reg. Welsh Cob, now dec.) I also bought a few select Welsh Mountain ponies from the Clochemerle Stud that I broke in and sold on.

The results speak for themselves (see sold/feedback section)

Nike is the only remaining stallion in Australia, directly descended from Narrogal (the first Haflinger imported to Australia) Because of this he retains the wonderful characteristics for which the Haflinger breed had always been known for.

If you are considering buying a Pure Haflinger or Haflinger Cross from me, I am happy to put you in contact with anyone who has purchased one of my horses or ponies.

I am extremely pleased with the ponies I have bred and/or broken in.

Nike impresses many with his beautiful colour, manner and temperament.

I am keeping two of Rosnaree Cascade's daughters (Sienna and Cassie) to continue the blood of the exceptional Welsh Cob.

Horses are my passion in life.
This breeding is for love not money and the contacts I make through this website and because of Nike, are all part of my satisfaction along with the pleasure of having and working on such delightful ponies that all find a special place in my heart.

Temperament is a very important factor in my breeding programme. Height aimed for is 13 - 14 hands.

Born and raised in the herd environment, gives my foals the right social experiences/skills to grow into well adjusted, sensible animals. With a great start to life and education these foals require minimum effort to break in and maintain, during the rest of their life.

"I loved being at your home Lesley and so did Gail, we talked so much about you on the way home and the fact we live so far away and can't help you more. You are an inspiration, the way you do everything yourself you should be so proud. Your horses and your property are amazing."
- Ruth (comments from an interstate enquiry and who I invited to come and stay in Feb 2013 to view and select a foal)

Lesley Loxton

Mt. Gambier, SE of South Australia.