Haflinger/Welsh Cob-Stockhorse - Butterfly Hill Casanova (Hugo)

Date of Birth: 15/12/2014
Price: $1380 (Sold - Alana, Vic)

Description: Registered gelding foal of Sienna. Mature approx. 14h. Full brother to Violet, Levi, Luca, Nala and Kokoda.

Haflinger/Stockhorse filly - ASTRID

Date of Birth: 23/03/2016

Description: Haflinger/Stockhorse filly foal of Shiraz. Full sister to Jontie (Vic) Jordy (Tas.) Shandy (SA) and Nikesha (Vic). Mature approx 14 h. Sold to Handorf (Adelaide Hills).

Haflinger/Welsh Cob-Stockhorse - Kokoda

Date of Birth: 02/01/2014
Description: Colt foal of Siena. Mature approx. 14h. Full brother to Violet, Nala, Luca, Butterfly Hill Casanova and Levi.

I'm amazed at how affectionate he is, follows me everywhere! When I walk away from his yard he calls out. Such a cutie xxx
Very happy with him!...He's being such a good boy!
I've tried lots of things with him, he's been absolutely perfect taking it all in his stride
- Emily

Haflinger/Welsh Cob-Stockhorse (Nala)

Sold to Elle (Vic)

Date of Birth: 15/11/2015

Description: Haflinger/Welsh Cob-Stockhorse filly foal of Sienna. Full sibling to Butterfly Hill Casanova, Levi, Luca, Kokoda and Violet. Mature approx 14 h.Can be registered.

3/4 Haflinger Gelding - Jindy

Date of Birth: 1/7/2015
Price: $1350 (Sold - Jacinda, NSW)

Description: 3/4 Haflinger Gelding. Full sibling to Heidi (KI), blue eyed gelding (Canberra) Forrest (Gawler) Alice and Cooper ( South Australia) Mature approx 13 h. For Sale at weaning 10-12mths.

Haflinger/Stockhorse Filly (Nikesha)

After months and months of going and viewing horses for sale, said to be stable riding ponies, safe for children, great learner's pony and all that goes along with buying one and finding many a bad person out there that take advantage of people, I finally purchased a foal from BUTTERFLY HILL HAFLINGER STUD. I spent 2 days with the lovely owner, Lesley, and her amazing horses and foals. So if anyone is not only looking for a trustworthy horse, but also a very lovely, caring, trustworthy and dedicated breeder, then look no further. I would recommend Lesley and her Butterfly Hill Haflinger Stud, to anyone seeking to buy a great horse with a fantastic temperament. - Ruth (Victoria) Mar '13.

"The husband of my friend said MAN you have one good little foal there. I was as proud as punch lol", Ruth - June '13

"Little Haflinger foal 'Nikesha' with her rug on for the first time and then walking over the tarp and foam noodles. Super little baby who is now confident, relaxed and willing- a perfect foundation which will set her up for success in the future when she is old enough to be saddle started.
" - G.C. Natural Horsemanship

"Love her to death and she really is an amazing pony" - Jasmine, Feb '15

"What outstanding horses you breed. Must say we feel so blessed to have Keesh aka Nikesha in our lives. She is just PERFECT. Such an easy horse to break and wow, so smart."

"Love her to death and she really is an amazing pony. Keeshy was brilliant today...Adore her so so much" - Josephine, Feb '15

Haflinger / Gelding (Jordie)

"Hi Lesley- had my Lesson today after Carlos schooling Jordy for 4 days- what a star. It's only his 7th ride and he is balanced in the trot, doing rein back like a star and all transitions just using seat no need for rein contact at all! All Of it bitless. Carlos loves my little man- and waiting for him to completely fill out before doing any major saddle work has really paid off. He's now a regular little cow pony lol!" - Alexandra, Feb 2015

"You will be glad to know Jordy was an absolute champion in his second block of training with Carlos a few weeks ago- is a regular little champion (Carlos loves him and he has become a bit of a darling of the Carlos training group!!) . He is now officially a bitless, barefoot riding pony that you can crack whips off and ride bareback. I have another weeks training with Carlos in September and that will round off the edges for his cues in side passing and more fancy footwork....then its just time to start putting the miles on him ....slowly!

If I had more money I would invest in another of your horses- as Jordy has been such a gorgeous boy to have around. He has earned his nickname Naughty Jordy as he is always opening gates and walking away with tools, but when it comes down to doing the work- he is on the job and fully focused

You must have a huge group of satisfied customers all over Australia now!" - Alexandra Mitchell (Tasmania), May 2014

August, 2010
Already Jordy has won the hearts of the locals (namely Arab endurance riders and Standardbred racing types) and has become a local celebrity with his antics in the paddock, like carrying around my planted berry bushes *grin*. We are totally in love with him- and he loves answering the rooster with the wake up call at 5 in the mornings! Thankyou for all the help in getting him here. Cheers, Alex.
October, 2011
Dear Lesley, He is absolutely what I am looking for... I love the idea of the quarter horse /haflinger cross for trail riding- which is what he would be used for. I am getting a little tired of some of the "puritan" breeding attitudes I have encountered in the last few years... and applaud you in crossing out the haflinger with some other breed lines! - Alex
November, 2011
The new owners (of Lilly and the 3/4 haflinger with blue eyes) will be as proud as punch- Jordy and I had a wonderful afternoon playing around together- and we went out for a lovely long walk. The locals are getting used to me "walking" my horse around the trails. - Alex

Pure Haflinger Gelding (Norco)

Date of Birth: 14/02/2012
Price: $1850
Description: Foal of Monique. SOLD (Sydney, New South Wales)

"What started out as a walk down the lakes with the kids ended up a 3 hour walk when we decided to walk home as well. I led Norco and what a boy he took it all in his strive didn't shy at anything and we had all go past trucks, motor bikes, pushbikes and even a tractor what a boy cant wait till he is broken in love him heaps."

"Had a great ride on Norco today and it is his 3rd Birthday, he was so good." - 14/2/15

Marigold - Filly of Monique

Date of Birth: 9/1/13
Price: $1000
Description: full sister to Norco (Sydney) Neo (Victoria) and half sister to Cassie (retained)

"I bought a filly (Marigold) and a gelding (cooper) from Butterfly Hill Stud and have the most amazing bond with both of them. I have trained the gelding myself following Warwick Schillers training and he is going really well, Warwick rode him at a clinic and commented on how willing and soft he was. All the Haflingers I know are willing, friendly and cope well with changing circumstances." - Alison

Haflinger/Welsh Cob, Stockhorse Gelding - Levi

Date of Birth: 23/1/13
Price: $1330
Description: Full brother to Violet, Nala, Luca, Kokoda and Butterfly Hill Casanova.
Should mature approx. 13.2-14 h.

Haflinger/Welsh Cob-Stockhorse - Violet

Description: Full sister to Levi, Nala, Luca, Kokoda and Butterfly Hill Casanova.

"Violet had her first hoof trim with Theo this morning and she went really well, you would think she'd been doing it for years..." Kelly - 11/1/13

"Well Lesley, what a little darling we have, she comes up to Gypsy and Gypsy feeds her pellets while she brushes her and Violet puts both her feet in the feed bin and Gypsy tells her not to do it and she just nuzzles Gypsy, she is going to grow well with Gypsy." - Kelly, 2013

"Steve Moore liked her and Mary Wood likes her and Theo thinks she's great, I haven't had one person say a bad thing about her and my Dad came and looked at my horses and she was the one that caught his eye." - Kelly, 2014

1/2/15 - First show for Violet. Lead and ridden by beginner. Wins included Handiest pony and second in Beginners Pony

Neo Pure Haflinger Gelding

Sold to Kym (VIC) as a yearling in 2007, and she still owns him

"He got brought back in last week after having 9 months off, he is great. Jumped on his back and its like he's been ridden heaps." - Kym

Haflinger Gelding (Noel)

2011 yearling. Purchased by Katja of "Waves & Wildlife Cottages" Kangaroo Island, South Australia (they also purchased Heidi).

December, 2011
Hi... my mum says, with all her horse knowledge, (nil), Noel is very cute and very quiet. Which no matter what is incredible in a new place, coming off a truck with a suicidal horse screaming after him. Can’t wait to meet him (Noel). Thank you so much. Lve, Katja.

Pure Haflinger Filly (Maisie)

Date of Birth: 26/9/2011
Foal of Emma. Should mature approx. 13.1 h.
Full sister to Melody (broken to harness in Vic), full brother to Noel (Kangaroo Island) and Marengo (Vic)

Sound but did injure hoof when young. X rays taken by Denis Goulding (6x Olympic Equestrian Vet)

"Wow wow wow!! What more need I say!!!! She is beautiful! Not only her type in body but her attitude to the experience of the journey! You would not have known it was her first major trip with all the lights at night and the unknown!! She behaved like she was an 'old been there done that horse!' Could not have asked for more!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to add Maisie to our family!" Carmen.

Pure Haflinger Filly (Marengo)

Date of Birth: 18/09/2012
Price: $1500
Description: Foal of Emma.

SOLD to Victoria

"Clochmerle Daydream" Welsh Mountain Pony

Sold to Belinda, S.A.
Full brother to Clochemerle Daybreak

"He has been a brilliant little man" Belinda.

Shalida Park Finesse

Sold to Glen Brae Riding School, Compton (Mt. Gambier, South Australia). Registration: Sect A, WMP, APSB.

Blue Eyed 3/4 Haflinger Gelding

Sold to ACT.

"Hi Lesley.
Yes, you can use any of the pictures you like. We will take more pictures when the weather improves. They do have beautiful temperaments to match their good looks.
Kind Regards,

3/4 Haflinger Filly (Heidi)

Sold to Paul and Katja. "Waves and Wildlife Cottages" Kangaroo Island.

January, 2013
Hi Lesley, If I can work out how to upload a video in the next week or so I will make you very happy. Heidi is amazing. She is a mind reading pony......I feel bad, she is probably wasted with us BUT we love her so very much katje
December, 2011
Heidi is great, a real sweetie. Still a little unsure about the whole saddle & riding thing but taking it all extremely well and going with whatever “weird” things we do to her. - Katja (purchased Heidi and later Noel)
Hi Lesley, Heidi is going great. Wears saddle & bridle every day and taking everything in her stride. Hasn’t put a foot wrong. Maria has never worked with a Haflinger and is really impressed. Warm regards, Katja
Heidi is going great. Maria has worked with her for two days and taught us both lots. She is being brilliant.
June, 2010
I have for some reason never before felt so comfortable buying a horse, even when we have looked at it, as I do buying from you. Even Paul is very happy and hasn’t had one hesitation and just looking forward to meeting her - Katja
August, 2010
Lesley, how much work did you do with Heidi? She is just so perfect. She hasn’t put her ears back once, we can do anything with her and she just does it. Hasn’t stressed over a thing. Paul is amazed. I will so irritate you. I am so glad we got her. Paul and I are competing over her affection I think. :) - Katja

3/4 Haflinger Gelding - Forrest

Date of Birth: 13/10/2012
Price: $1350
Description: Foal of Montana.
Should mature approx. 13.2 h.

This colt is also a full brother to Monty (see below).

Full brother to Heidi, click here for youtube video of her :

"I am so so proud of her. I think it does pay to do everything really slowly because she has just gone with it all the way apart from being a bit nervous at times. Heidi has had minimal work and is doing amazing."

"It is so rare to get a video of a green horse which doesn’t put a foot wrong for a whole ten minutes. Your horses are so gorgeous I am seriously thinking of maybe getting another filly when Sunny, (human child), is in Kindergarten/school."

Haflinger / Filly (Lillie)

Sold to ACT.

3/4 Haflinger Gelding (Monty/Cooper)

Date of Birth: 19/10/2011
Price: $1350
Description: Foal of Montana.

Full brother (with blue eyes) sold to Canberra. Full sister to Heidi, sold to Kangaroo Island. See Sold/Feedback Section.

"He would have to be the easiest to do things with I have ever owned!!" - Alison
"Gosh I think I'll use that last comment in feedback for my website. That is very special to hear. Thank you. I really think if it wasn't for my Haflingers you might still be looking for that good horse." (me)
"Absolutely, I would be and still spending money!!"
- Alison

"I put the flymask on Cooper this morning, no halter, he put his head down for it and stood there while I did it up. He then followed me up to the trough to check the water, closely followed by Marigold, then followed me back" - Alison

"I bought a filly (Marigold) and a gelding (cooper) from Butterfly Hill Stud and have the most amazing bond with both of them. I have trained the gelding myself following Warwick Schillers training and he is going really well, Warwick rode him at a clinic and commented on how willing and soft he was. All the Haflingers I know are willing, friendly and cope well with changing circumstances." - Alison

"It was Coopers turn today and we had a great session, he doesn't forget anything!" - Alison, 17/3/15

"He gives me lots of pleasure Lesley. and has been a dream to train. It still amazes me that I (being a nervous wreck at times) am able to break him to saddle and he is going so well. We had a great day. I couldn't have a better horse." - Alison, March 2015

"Have I told you how much I love Cooper lately, he is just such an awesome horse!! " Alison Cooper, July 2015


Splash was a pony that I was able to find for the family (at no cost) as I had none available at the time.

Hi Lesley, I promised to send you some photos of Splash when I could so I hope these have turned out ok. I have kept in touch with Sheila and sent her photos as well. Gypsy has been having lessons and rode Splash in the topsy ring at the show. Splash is a beautiful quiet natured young fellow and thank you so much for putting us on to him. It was worth the wait to get such a lovely quiet boy.His colour is quite unusual for a palamino with his white splotches, but that makes Gypsy's pony special from everyone else's ponies. Thank you again for helping us get such a fantastic pony. Regards, Rick and Kelly (Millicent, South Australia)

Haflinger Filly (Melody)

Sold to Karina, Victoria.

Hi Lesley Went out with one of Emma's foals today. Karina and Tony's 3 year old in harness what a lovely pony was surprised at her willingness, not lazy at all and so well behaved. (Mar. '13)

She stood like a little soldier all the way home...She's an old soul in a young body. I am absolutely delighted with her. - Karina (Heywood, Victoria)

Haflinger / Gelding (Nikal)

Born November, 2008 out of "Balgower Allure" (registered Bay Arab mare).

The more I learn about haflingers the more I fall in love with them. I don't think people realise what a wonderful little horse the Haflinger is.They are so versatile, willing, great looking and have a beautiful temperment. Thankyou Lesley for helping have this wonderful experience. Alison
Hi Lesley, just thought I would let you know Nikal got picked up today and I don't know why I had such a sleepless night last night, he went on no worries like he's done it all before. See you soon, Alison. P.S. I'm gonna miss him so much.
September, 2010
Nikal's going good and has been a really good boy, he's a real character. He's better with his backing up, stopping and moving forward, he picks more up every time he's worked (which is'nt very often, so imagine what he would be like with consistent work.) I bunked Michelle onto his back, she only just lay with her weight across his back, never actually sat up on him (as I was holding Nowey too) but he didn't bat an eye lid, just kept eating. Caroline (Nikal's new owner).

Drifter (Quarter Horse Bay Gelding)

Age: 10
Height: 13hh
Price: $3500 SOLD (Riverton, South Australia)

"Hello Lesley, had word from the McLeans and Drifter is doing really well he and little Matilda are off this week end with PC. Joey asked if I knew of any more ponies for sale as they would like another for their other daughter." - 11/1/13

I need to sell "Drifter" my much loved pony as my riding days are coming to an end.

I have owned Drifter since he was a foal of a few months. He has been such a good pony to me and done all I wanted eg. day and week long trail rides unshod, because he has very strong hooves (eg. in the Flinders Ranges, The Coonawarra region and the Tasmanian Trail) a few shows, Trail classes, Games, Jumping, Riding lessons and Club rallies and trail rides.

Drifter is very smooth to ride and can outwalk even big Percherons and Thoroughbreds but will never "jig jog".

He has also been broken to Harness.

He competes well in trail classes because he side passes both ways over "L" shaped poles, backs through a row of pot plants, drags a branch and the rider can go through a gate and sliprail without removing hand from gate or rail.

He can be tethered and if he gets the rope wrapped around his leg, he just stands until released.

He is a very experienced and confident pony. I am not a "show" person so he has not been used for this (he collects and goes "on the bit") However, I lent him to a girl who was having riding lessons on him and she took him to the Mount Gambier Show in 2009 and he got 3rd in Novice Pony and she won Novice Rider on him (photo). Recently he has been used by friends in the Topsy Ring.

He is used to the beach and he canters through the breaking waves. He loves water and enjoys a "bath".

Drifter would make an excellent Pony Club Pony because he can do all that would be needed there, or a very enjoyable pony for an adult. He also suits teaching beginners to ride.

Haflinger Brood Mare (Emma)

My daughter Eloise rode Emma on a week's ride in May 2010, (which unfortunately rained most of the time). Eloise is quite tall, but Emma, although fat, unfit and in foal carried her willingly and easily.

Emma is pretty and perfect. Exactly the type of pony I like to ride. Willing, happy to lead or stay behind. Patient and smooth to ride. - Eloise

Haflinger / Stockhorse (Shandy)

Date of Birth: 16/12/2011
Price: Reduced price. $900
Description: Filly foal of Shiraz. Full sister to Jontie (Victoria) and Jordie (Tasmania).

Should mature approx. 13.3 - 14 h.

Haflinger / Gelding (Jontie)

Born on the 17th of September, 2006. Sold to Juliann and Nikki Jordan (Casterton, Victoria).

January, 2010
Hi there, Nikki and I had a fantastic day, thankyou so much, I left with a very positive feeling. and am more than happy to pay the price requested. Im so excited with this journey and am sure in no time Nikki and Jontie will be a great team, Thankyou so much for making this journey stress free, you always kept me updated and informed, I feel very lucky the day I emailed you. Take care, Juliann and Nikki.
January, 2010
Just a quick note to keep you informed on Jontie, on Saturday Jontie was wonderful, with. He is a great little man as today was really windy and they were all calling out for him and running silly and he just did what we wanted him to do 99% of the time. So everything is going well and Jontie is settling in great, Juliann & Nikki.
February, 2010
Jontie is going really well, Nikki adores him (obsessed) and he just fits in with us perfectly... We go see him everyday even when we can't ride or we are giving him a day off we still have to have our "Jontie" daily medicine.
March, 2010
... no need to tie him (Jontie) up to saddle up he just stands there, a chair blew in front of Nikki on Saturday (really windy) and he just looked at it, I really did expect him to shy as when it happened he was trotting over a jump and it blew in his path - we really do appreciated this little treasure we have. - Juliann
April, 2010
Our first day at Pony Club went better than we could have imagined. Nikki had a fantastic time and within an hour or so Nikki's confident level was right up and she learnt so much in one day. The instructors were wonderful with both learner horse and rider I couldnt have been happier, we were signed up by lunch time and I have never seen Nikki so happy in her whole life, and I really mean that. So many people were commenting on Jontie and what a lovely little pony he is - I was so chuffed! Thankyou so very much for letting us buy your wonderful little Jontie he has not let us down nor we will him, Take care Juliann, Nikki and Jontie.
June, 2010
Just a quick little email-just heard through the grape vine that Jontie has made a big impression with some horse people around here, it was mentioned that they would pay us for them to ride and train him and are waiting for Nikki to "outgrow" him so that they can purchase him! He has such a presence about him! and we get so many compliments at PC, but I can assure you that he is never going to be for sale (and if he is you will get first offer for sure), Nikki wont even let me have a quick ride! Regards always Juliann.
March, 2011
Hi Lesley... this weekend on Saturday I am getting a jumping lesson on him, he is going so well... everything with him is always good fun. - Nikki
September, 2011
Hi there... I'm so happy you sold this little bundle of joy to me... we are a match made in heaven, he is my best friend and in the saddle we just click, and even on the ground we just click. He is my boy, I will have to send you pictures. From Nikki.
December, 2011
Lesley... Jontie is a "life send" to Nikki as he really makes her smile from the heart, Nikki is the type of girl who friends are for school but Jontie is every other breathing moment! So thank you for letting him come to us... - Juliann (Nikki's mother)

Welsh Mountain Pony (Clochemerle Disney)

Registered. Sold to Janita (Mt. Gambier, South Australia).

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